Weight Lifting Gloves

Worn by scores of weight trainers and weight lifters, weight lifting gloves or weight training gloves offer a number of benefits, and consequently, continue to get sold in large numbers. A good thing is a number of manufacturers of, both, weightlifting gloves for men and weightlifting gloves for women can now be found, and this gives you scores of alternatives to go through. If you’re wondering why to use them in the first place, read on.

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The Use of a Weight Lifting Belt

Weightlifting belts find favour with a number of lifters, although some choose to do without them, and each has their own reasons in doing so. If you’ve been meaning to use a weightlifting belt it is crucial that you know how to use it and how often you can use it, else, you’d be heading towards some kind of injury or the other.

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What You Should Know About Weight Lifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes, weight training shoes, or strength training shoes, according to famed strength trainer and author Mark Rippetoe, are pretty much the only fitness related equipment a weight trainer needs to own, and he goes to add that its benefits are clear to see after performing as little as one set in a set of five.

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Quick Guide to Weight Lifting Clothes

If you aren’t weightlifting from a competitive perspective, there is no hard and fast rule dictating what you can or cannot wear. What you have to bear in mind, though, is that weightlifting involves a considerable amount of body movement, and as a result, should not be prohibitive in any manner and should allow unrestricted movements. Weight lifting clothes, come in different shapes and sizes, and here’s your guide to the same.

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Weight Lifting Straps

Weightlifting straps, or weightlifting wrist wraps, very simply put, help bind your wrist to the bar, and are generally made of different kinds of fabric or leather. They can be used with barbells and pull up bars, and are known to simplify lifting heavier weights by pretty much eliminating grip from the picture; and this is the main reason you can see a number of weight trainers using them.

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Working Out With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, also commonly referred to as exercise bands, workout bands, strength bands, and tensions bands, have been used since the early 1900s, in the fields of medical rehabilitation as well as fitness. It is only the last couples of decades that their use in the fitness world has increased, and you can now find resistance bands in just about every fitness center.

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