An Introduction to Strength Training for Women

An Introduction to Women’s Strength Training

According to the National Center of Health Statistics, only 17% of women engage in strength training two or more times per week.

This means that the majority of women in the United States are not embarking on extremely beneficial routines that will help them lose weight, increase muscle definition and feel more healthy.

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Strength Training and Building Muscle

Strength TrainingWhen entering the world of strength training, the mind being filled with different kinds of questions is not uncommon. If you count yourself as one who wishes to know more about strength training, which protein ranks as the best protein powder or which testosterone booster you should try or any other type of strength training supplements, this site shall serve as an excellent resource, one that you can rely on and turn to in order to find answers to all your questions.
If you are a complete novice, and wish to find out what strength training is, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re wondering what the difference between strength training, weight training, resistance training, and so on is, we’ll tell you.

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Short Guide To Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training exercises, as mentioned in a related post, involve you having to go through all the sets of a given exercise before you move to the next, and circuits can consist of anywhere in between 5 to 12 different exercises. Aimed at targeting all major muscle groups of the body, circuit training exercises can also involve you moving from one circuit to another in completing your circuit training routine.

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Introduction to Circuit Weight Training

The popularity surrounding circuit weight training does continue to grow, especially when it comes to addressing weight loss, although its benefits in increasing athletic performance and overall fitness levels have not gone unnoticed.

Circuit weight training would have you turn to high intensity aerobic workouts along with weight training in helping you achieve your goals.

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Weight Lifting Gloves

Worn by scores of weight trainers and weight lifters, weight lifting gloves or weight training gloves offer a number of benefits, and consequently, continue to get sold in large numbers. A good thing is a number of manufacturers of, both, weightlifting gloves for men and weightlifting gloves for women can now be found, and this gives you scores of alternatives to go through. If you’re wondering why to use them in the first place, read on.

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Working Out With a Weight Bench

Weight lifting benches, or weight training benches, offer a great yet cost effective way to work out, and if you can get one at home, you can do away with the need for expensive gym memberships. Given that you do not need too much space to get a weight lifting bench inside your home, and that it gives you an array of workout alternatives to indulge in, it should come as no surprise that this is one of the most sought after weight training equipment.

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Introduction to Isotonic Exercises

When it comes to weight training and strength training, a majority of the exercises you come across will be isotonic in nature. Isotonic exercises rely on the shortening or lengthening of muscles when a constant external force acts upon them. What’s important is that the force that the muscle produces in carrying out the given task should not change (although, in practise, this is almost impossible to accomplish).

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The Use of a Weight Lifting Belt

Weightlifting belts find favour with a number of lifters, although some choose to do without them, and each has their own reasons in doing so. If you’ve been meaning to use a weightlifting belt it is crucial that you know how to use it and how often you can use it, else, you’d be heading towards some kind of injury or the other.

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Strength Training for Runners

Most runners who do not strength train give a singular reason for not doing so, that the addition of extra muscular mass will work in hampering their performance on the field, and this line of thought, you should know, is far from reality.

If you do end up putting on any weight (which is unlikely given the distances you’d be running), it will be inconsequential at best, and the added benefits of strength training for runners like improved strength and balance will far outweigh this aspect.

There are also dietary supplements to consider when dealing with a running routine. According to, these are the top 10 supplements for runners to consider taking while training.

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Bill Starr’s Beginner 5×5 Workout

A former Olympian lifter, Bill Star is also popular owing to the huge success of his book, ‘The Strongest Shall Survive: Strength Training for Football’, which was written way back in 1976. He is credited for popularizing the 5×5 workout through this book, and although it was primarily aimed at serving as a workout routine for football players, it is now looked upon as one of the best workout routines there is.

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